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Where balancing your hormones and digestive health begins


Treating clients throughout Australia

Tired of planning your life around your hormonal and digestive health issues?

Are you sick of looking for where the bathroom is in case of an emergency or worried the food you're eating is going to make you feel unwell again?

Sick of test results coming back as ‘normal’ but you're still unwell?

Are you fed up with not being taken seriously when discussing your ‘female issues’ or ‘digestive problems’ with other health professionals?

Its frustrating, but it doesn't have to be this way!

Katrina works with clients who want to improve their health through a holistic health care method using an individual approach which includes evidence based natural medicine and traditional philosophies.

To help her clients achieve their health goals Katrina advises on dietary and lifestyle changes whilst using herbal formulas, nutritional medicines and flower essences specific to your needs.

Hi, I'm Katrina

I feel your pain and frustration as I’ve been there as well. I understand this and that is why I studied to become a Naturopath.

Most of my clients eat healthy, are health conscious and are aware of their symptoms but they are not sure of why they still ‘just don’t feel right’.

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What our clients say

I saw Katrina as my periods were heavy and painful and I was over having to put up with this each month!

I noticed a difference within the next month as my periods were less heavy and the pain had reduced a lot.

The following month I had even more noticeable improvements. After 6 months of getting my periods back into its new cycle I feel so much better!


I suffered from IBS (diarrhoea) for many years. I thought that going to the toilet after meals and up to 5 times a day was going to be my normal way of living.

Katrina recommended that I should be tested for SIBO and it came back positive to hydrogen gas. I was also treated for parasites as had travelled overseas prior to having my IBS symptoms. I have completed my SIBO treatment and I’m now enjoying my life again


I’ve tried so many diets over the years and was constantly yo-yoing with my weight and digestive symptoms. I was recommended by a friend to see Katrina and I tried her Repair, Re-balance and Restore Program and found that this made such a huge difference to my symptoms.

I’ve lost weight and have maintained this along with my digestive issues have gone away!” Now I’m focusing on maintaining my weight loss with Katrina’s help.