What can you do if you have over indulged over the holidays?

I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas and holiday celebrations and all the delicious meals that we eat at this time of year. Some of us can 'fall off the wagon' during this time of the year and I'm just letting you know that it's okay. All of these delicious meals that we don't generally eat won't do too much damage to your digestive system over this short period of time.

If you are following a specific dietary program, for example my Gut Health Matters or SIBO Bi-phasic Diet you may have noticed that you had either a 'flare up' or your symptoms have not flared up again. Either way it's important to get back to where you were before Christmas and the holiday period and continue with your supplements and dietary program. I would prefer you to enjoy this short period of time without the food anxiety and stress - mindset is so important when you are on your healing journey.

I have certainly enjoyed eating desserts which I don't usually have as I'm generally full from my main meals. I have enjoyed my homemade plum pudding along with my sister in laws pavlova and my daughter made a banana caramel pie, they were all delicious and I'm more than happy there are no more left overs!


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If you have over indulged and your tummy is sore or you are feeling constipated, have reflux or feeling a bit blah and generally low in energy here are some easy tips on getting back on track again:-

  • Start your morning with a freshly squeezed lemon in some hot/warm water (this is very cleansing and your liver will love this!) 
  • Have a couple of days where you are eating light meals - smoothies/juices, salads, roasted or steamed veggies and grilled fish; 
  • Have a few days off any alcoholic beverages (treat yourself on New Years Eve, just don't over do it); 
  • Have your daily coffee but limit it to once a day and try for a mid-morning coffee instead of when you wake up (you'll feel so much better);
  • Do some light exercise - go for a walk or do some yoga poses that are specific for your digestive health; 
  • Have an afternoon rest - it's important to recharge your batteries after all the excitement and business leading up to Christmas;
  • Try to have 3 meals per day instead of snacking as this will help your migrating motor complex (MMC) which originates in the stomach and assists food and bacteria to move from the small intestine into the large intestine. If this isn't working properly (it's a big issue with SIBO and IBS) you will experience a slow transit time (constipation) or a fast transit time (diarrhoea/loose bowels).
  • Stay hydrated - filtred water (you can add slices of fruit if you wish) or have some cold herbal teas (there's so many to choose from) along with having a mocktail if you're still out with friends and family.
  • Breathing - deep breathing down into your tummy, hold then exhale even more deeply. Make sure your exhale is deeper than your inhale. Why do this? Deep breathing stimulates your vagas nerve which controls your parasymphathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and also optimizes your gut brain axis.


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Enjoy this time between Christmas and New Year as it's a beautiful time of year to catch up with family and friends or just chill at home or finding new places to visit.
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If these tips aren't giving you relief or some relief please book your digestive health consultation as we will need to investigate further as to why you are still experiencing these symptoms.

With all my digestive health clients I recommend you being tested for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) that way your treatment will be specific to your breath test results. SIBO was my underlying cause of my digestive issues and I'm now SIBO free!

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Any questions? Please leave a comment or DM me and I'll get back to you.


 Yours in health and wellness,




Katrina xxx

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