Repair, Re-balance & Restore Wellness Program (RRRWP)

Repair, Re-balance & Restore Wellness Program (RRRWP)

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Are you over suffering from digestive issues and hormonal imbalances? 

This program is perfect for those who are suffering from:-

  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) - bloating, reflux or bowel issues or have 'Leaky Gut Syndrome'. 
  • Perimenopausal symptoms such as - hot flushes, night sweats, heavy periods, low energy, insomnia, weight gain, joint pain, muscle aches and pains and brain fog.
  • Thyroid issues - are you feeling tired, low in energy, unexplained weight gain, dry skin, brittle nails and hair loss?
  • Do you have insulin resistance or Metabolic Syndrome (pre-Diabetes)?
  • Are you suffering from acne, eczema, dermatitis or skin rashes?
  • Do you suffer from heavy periods, painful periods or PCOS? PMS or mood swings?
  • Weight loss will be experienced as you are eating foods and using products that assist in bringing down inflammation and swapping them over to what is compatible with your body. 

RRRWP is a 3 month whole body healing treatment designed just for YOU! Food is Medicine is one of the basic Naturopathic principles that I love to follow with my clients. 

$1897 plus supplements or herbal formulas if required.

This program includes:-

  • Hair Bio-Compatibility Food and Product Testing - (valued at $297) this is an amazing food and product compatibility test that is your personalised list of what you can have and what you need to avoid!
  • Your own Report - Your results are presented to you in a beautiful 15 page report.
  • Monthly consultations which is available online (valued at over $600)
  • Monthly progress checklist (included in your report)
  • Fortnightly Check ins via email or text 
  • Fortnightly recipes - designed by myself especially for you and your results (valued at over $700)
  • Fortnightly Mindset Tips - mindset is an important part of your healing journey as you won't heal in the same conditions that you got unwell in (valued at over $500)

The value and content in this program is valued at over $2100