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Total Body Reset - 4 Week Program

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Total Body Reset Program consists of recommended dietary suggestions and nutritional shakes (vegan friendly powder) that will assist your body's natural healing and regeneration.

The program works by optimising key body systems: detox, inflammation and digestive health.


Medi-Restore is a functional food in the form of a powdered meal drink. It is vegan and FODMAP friendly, pleasant tasting (French vanilla), easily digested and easy to use - breakfast is perfect or as an afternoon snack.

So why is this so good for me?

The formula is based upon rice and pea protein that is fortified with further amino acids (protein builders), added vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Medi-Restore is free from unhealthy sugars, dairy, gluten, colours, flavours & low quality food components.

Included in the price:-

  • Naturopathic support throughout the 4 week program which includes a fortnightly email check in;
  • Medi-Restore therapeutic powder;
  • Patient workbook with recipes, shopping guide, anti-inflammatory food list, weekly meal planner and food re-introduction list; 
  • FREE shaker bottle.