Chill and Thrive Package

Chill and Thrive Package

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I love this program as it allows you to still enjoy living your life and catching up with friends and family, without feeling like you are restricting foods. 

It's all about maintaining a healthy food mindset and reducing inflammation, as this is the cause of many illnesses within your body.

Let's take away any food fear or food anxiety that you may have and allow your test results to guide you to enjoy the cooler months.

Let's "Chill and Thrive" with more energy and vibrancy and shake off a sluggish start to the cooler months.

What's included in the Package:-

  • 2 Consultations (initial and report of findings) +
  • Hair Bio-Compatibility Food and Product Test (over 600 products tested) +
  • My e-Book - 10 Natural Ways to Improve Digestion and Support Gut Health
  • Recipe ideas on your healthy swaps.

If you are online, you will need to send your clean hair sample (in a zip lock bag and envelope) through too me either before or after your initial consultation. It's only a little piece of hair that is required (usually enough to cover a 10 cent piece) and from the nape of your head if possible. I'll then send your hair sample off to be tested.

After your initial consultation, I'll book you in for your report of findings consultation where we go over your results. You will also receive a copy of your report at the beginning of the consultation. 

There is usually a two week buffer in between appointments.

I'll also create some easy to make recipes for you to include in your daily meal plan that is based on your results. 

This package is suitable for:-

  • Vegetarians, Vegans and Meat-eaters;
  • People wanting to try foods that they don't usually eat but want to get some extra food groups into their daily meal plans;
  • Adults 
  • Children
  • Mums and Bubs

Some of the health conditions that are relieved by dietary changes:-

  • Skin issues - acne, pimples, eczema, dermatitis, hives, psoriasis
  • Women's Health - menstrual (period) issues, thyroid, low energy, stress/anxiety, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, migraines, headaches;
  • Immune support - re-occurring ear, nose & throat issues, asthma, hay fever, re-occurring viral outbreaks;
  • Digestive health - IBS, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, reflux, thrush, weight gain, weight loss.